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Watching this game today, I've come to a few conclusions:

Felipe Lopez is in a big time funk, and looks really lost at the place. Overstriding, and swinging off balance. I wouldn't be opposed to letting him go at the end of the season, and keeping Belliard at 2B for a few years.

Bergmann is having issues keeping the ball down. Is it mental, mechanical, physical? I don't know, that's why they pay St. Claire to figure it all out.

Dmitri Young is a monster. This guy is playing a different game than the rest of the league. He is spraying the ball over the field, and never gives up on an at bat. I say keep him for the year, if Nick looks like he is still made of Candy glass, offer him a 2 year deal, and put him on a weight loss program. If Nick looks like he'll be ok, get your compensation picks.

I hate Austin Kearns swing. I hate it. No matter what, he looks he's late on the pitch. I don't care if he hit .350, someone has gotta get this guy to a hitting tee, and tell him to go to the ball with his hands.

I used to be pro-Langerhans, anti-Nook. I'm mostly apathetic now, but Nook's speed keeps him on the team in my book. A lot of teams have their speedster, (Bourn in Philly, Willits on Anaheim, Harris on Atlanta) and they can change the game with that speed. Langerhans is a defensive player at best, which you don't need on a last place team. (Update: He's a defensive player that can hit an upper deck homerun. I don't know anything)

Micah Bowie is a dork. "Get r dun". No, Micah. No.

I'm starting to like Don Sutton. He has a good voice for Color. He's no Vin Scully, who I got to listen to on my free Mlb Extra Innings preview. That man's voice is silky smooth. And the guy who did a few minutes in the Philly game this weekend on ESPN was way better than Jon Miller.

The Astros suck. I wish they traded Hunter Pence to us for Sori last year.

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I'm still here. Although I admit that sometimes it's hard to keep at it, I'm still a Nats fan and want to see them succeed, as I'm sure both of you do.

And I had no idea until watching part of last night's game that Dmitri Young is now the NL batting leader. Sweeeeet. I just wish we had more players like him. But, hey.

July 21, 2007 at 1:08 AM  

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