Oh no willy mo

I'm not a fan of this deal really, unless the player to be named later is some chump from Columbus (see Chris Booker). But he is going to be a K machine. And whilst he does have some pop in the bat, I don't think the end justifies the means. Especially when it means that Ryan Church will have lost his everyday role in left field. I believe Ryan is going to have a hard time splitting duties with Willy and both will end up struggling. I just don't get this move really, unless the coaching staff believes they can make Willy a more patient hitter. I will however wait to see how this turns out before passing my final judgment. Bowden has proved us all wrong before so we shall see.

Meanwhile, the Nationals have hit a run of poor form this home stand. The bats have gone eerily silent once again. Harking back to the first week of the season when we couldn't buy a run except for in junk time. I really hope that the coaching staff gets the boys in the cage and works out some of these problems, because its getting slightly frustrating. GRRRRRR!


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