Some thoughts...

-Operation "Fry the Fish" was a brief success. Notice there wasn't a mention of how LONG the fish would be fried. They were flash fried. Now, we sit in the cellar with them.

-I was originally going to post about the wonder of Wily Mo's one legged homer, but I took too long, and now it's all been covered. I will say it was one of the more impressive feats I've seen by a player on a last place team, in a non-late inning situation. Enough qualifiers?
But seriously, it was awesome.

-MLB hates the Nationals' pitchers. Look below me for proof.

-How does this quote make you feeeeeeel?

"You still have to remind them that it's not over," Acta said. "As I said, this month, it could become a long month, and I don't want to go home thinking that yeah, we just won more than 40 like everybody thought. I want to have a little more satisfying ending. It's not going to be easy. We never said it was going to be easy."

Barry at the venerable Nationals Journal dropped this little nugget of despair. I feel that way too, but it's not my job to keep people motivated, and I don't get paid. So pop a happy pill, Manny.

-Jason Bergmann is inconsistent. Lannan is inexperienced. Hill is injury prone. Redding has been surprising, but player's are as good as their past stats indicate. Chico nibbles too much for his own good. Patterson...Patterson. Bascik will be gone next year. Or better be. Hanrahan, the jury is still out. The FA SP market this offseason is weak. Kyle Lohse, anybody? Be nervous.


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