Mike Bascik is immortalized.  Bonds drove a 3-2 fastball over the right field wall, made one man substantially more rich, and made history.  Bascik, a baseball historian,  and a baseball player has secured his historic immortality.  But, he may have not secured his job. 

Shawn Hill is on his way back next week, and someone has to go to make room.  The Nationals cannot afford to take any bullpen help away.  It won't be Redding, who is pitching up to his former potential for once (remaining to be seen if it can be sustained).  It won't be Chico for obvious reasons.  I doubt it will be Lannan, who is the obvious future for the Nationals, not as a star, but certainly as a starter.  Hanrahan has also impressed his coaches, but he is a possibility to be sent back down. 

The roster moves this team makes in the next few weeks as former starters return from injury will show the mindset of this team.  Will they let the youngster continue to get their feet wet?  Will they let Simontacci continue to be mediocre?  We shall soon see.

My take is that Bascik has been "good".  He isn't a power pitcher.  He doesn't have an awesome out pitch.  He can no longer be considered a prospect.  But he competes.  I believe pitchers like him are not what the Nationals need to be competing, but are acceptible in the interim while the Nats sort themselves out.  Let him throw in AAA for the rest of the year, give the young ones a few starts, and then let him go at the end of the year.  A fan has to think about the interests of the team, and try not to get too firmly attached to any one player, despite his affability and pleasant demeanor.  Mike was a good fit for this team this year, and competed.  But I don't want to see him in a Nats uniform next year.

He may soon be on the waiver wire, but I suspect he'll land somewhere.  And even if he doesn't, he'll always have last night's historic event, and the baseball buff that he is, that will be more than his talents even would have given him.


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