What can you say? I guess you can say a lot of things. 73 wins is 16 wins from 1st in the division. That's a lot of wins. 21% less wins in fact.
The Plan provides for developing young talent, not overpaying for FAs, and some other things that I can't really put my finger on. I do know this. For the Nationals to compete with the Mets and the Phillies in the next 2-3 years, a good portion of this team needs to go.
Schneider, Lopez, Belliard, Church, Kearns, Pena, and Logan wouldn't start on the Mets. And they shouldn't be starting for a 1st place team. They all have a few strengths, but they also have weaknesses that wouldn't be welcome on a World Series caliber team. From the reports I've read, almost all of our draftees are projected back end rotation guys. You can't win with four 5's. Let's hope for some magic, because to win a World Series, or hell, even to be in the playoffs, that's what it'll take.

THAT BEING SAID, I love the Nationals. I love how when they put together a little string, I lose all semblance of reasoning. Anyway, season's over. News will be posted, rumors will be posted, and we may expand the coverage of the site. Enjoy the winter everyone.


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