This was mentioned casually in passing, in both Boswell's article about Lo Duca, and in Barry's Journal this morning. For those to lazy to click, both these gentlemen implied that their was an ever so slight possibility of landing Brian Roberts from the Orioles.

Sweet Sassy Molassy, I would make that trade in a minute. What trade? Any trade, getting Brian Roberts. Want Guz, Chief, and Maxwell? How about Lopez, Chico, and Rauch? Pena or Dukes as the deal breaker? Sure. Take em.

Roberts would be THE BEST ALL AROUND PLAYER ON OUR TEAM, instantly. "What about Zimm?" Zimm doesn't have the complete game that Roberts has, not to say that in a few years, he won't. Instantly, we have our MI defensive problem solved, we have a leadoff hitter with speed, and we've got a marquee name that can spray the ball, and should be a perennial lock for the All Star team. Ok, well, he and Utley can take turns.

I've already read in multiple places where people are saying that Angelos would never allow this trade to happen. That may be true. It doesn't mean I can't dream, does it?


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