In the last week, the Nationals have made major waves (/sarcasm) with some free agent acquisitions. First, the Bo(o)ne Collector signed the last remaining baseball Boone in existence to a minor league deal to play second base, and second base only, according to Bret.

Boone on whether he would spend time in the minors, or learn another position in order to help his chances: "I haven't played another position. I plan on going out and playing second base and getting as many at-bats as I can over in accelerated [spring training camp]... I don't think we have a script or anything like that. It's going to play out, and we'll know either way. But I'm planning on playing second base and helping somebody. Obviously that's my goal. There's a lot of unknown out there, but it's kind of an exciting unknown."

Way to be flexible there, Bret. It's a good thing we don't have any experience veterans who have actually thrown a baseball in the last two years already on the team.

Today, the Nats signed Odalis Perez to a 1 year, Minor League deal for $850,000. While this signing gets me as excited as when we picked up Pedro Astacio, you've gotta be impressed with Bowden's waiting for the bottom to fall out of the pitching market. This guy made $7 mil last year, and now...all I can say is I hope Odalis didn't go all MC Hammer.


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