Consider these numbers: 123 homers, 646 RBIs, 69 steals.

Cumulatively speaking, these numbers paint the picture of a fairly unsuccessful baseball team, and the 2007 Washington Nationals were indeed unsuccessful (73-89). But that doesn't matter.

More playing with numbers: 673 runs, 931 strikeouts, 46 saves.

Yes, the Nationals were a particularly terrible offensive team, finishing 30th in runs scored, 26th in hits, 28th in homers, 29th in RBIs, 26th in batting average and 28th in slugging percentage. The pitchers struck out the fewest batters of any staff in the league.

Hate, hate, hate.

Granted this article is from a fantasy perspective, and we don't have Johan Santana or Carl Crawford (noted fantasy beast) on this team, but it's sad to think that "experts" think a 15hr 15 steal season for Lastings Milledge would be good.


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