Captain Obvious

Seriously, how many stories are we going to have to endure from the national media about the Nationals signing so-called reclamation projects.

Here's another one...

Oh and if I hear that high-fiving fans after a home run is a baseball sin one more time, I'm going to rip someone's head off. Glad to hear our team thinks it was awesome and a great thing to do. New York sucks.

Update (Jon): I was going to post something about this article, but Kyle beat me to it. I take umbrage with two things from this article. One Kyle has already addressed. There is nothing wrong at all with high fiving fans. Nothing.
The second thing is the thing I find more troubling, and maybe more of a society wide issue. Are the only people that can talk to Dukes and have it sink in, black people? That's the conclusion I reach when I read Young's quote about him, Ray King and Willie Harris being able to tell him the ropes.
Dukes needs all the council he can get, and skin color shouldn't factor into it. Unless he won't listen to a white person for some reason. In which case, ?.


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