Listen, we accept your apology. You have doubted, despite continued encouragement on our part. We've given you jpegs, we've given you stats, but still you doubted. It's ok, we know you're sorry.

Oh, what about?

The fact that GUZMANIA is here to stay.

The man is KILLING it right now. Here are some numbers to illustrate the obvious.

2008: In 59 AB, he's hitting .322/.542/.328 with 10 runs scored and 6 RBI on a team that has only scored 51 runs. 3 doubles, 2 triples, and 2 HR.

In his last 50 games, he's hitting .335, with a .383 OBP.

Boom, baby. We forsee the Guz getting an extension before the year is out. Or being traded for prospects. We hope the former, because we've got no one in the chute.


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