Hey folks. Back for a trip, and ready to blog. After a hot start, the Nats have lost three straight, and are currently trailing the Cards 2-0 in the third inning. The ol' can't hit with runners in scoring position bug has returned from last year, and I hope it leaves quickly. However, a stat of note, the Nats currently lead the Majors in extra base hits.

So, we've got that going.

Lannan looking strong, if not completely accurate. Curve looks good, fastball isn't locating as well as he needs it.

Either way, tomorrow the Nats return to the glorious Nats Park, which I was lucky enough to be in last Sunday. Wonder if there are tickets...go if there are. I'll be in class.

Also, Ankiel is a stud. Still can't get over the fact he used to pitch.

Oh yeah, our last post was post 200 for Nats Report. So happy birthday, blog.


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