Nats rolling?

Perhaps its true. We just might be on a roll. Yeah I know we're playing just over .500 ball as of late, but for a starting rotation of Simontacchi, Chico, Basick Speigner and Bowie. Just take a few minutes to stew about that for a second. At most any of one those guys is a 5th starter on contender and a 3-4 guy on a .500 team. Kudos to Mannyger for gettin the boys up. This brings me to my next point. As good as it is to have our team win games so far this season, its going to be that more disappointing when we become abhorribly bad after the trade deadline. As much as I'd like to be able to see some wins to close out the season, I'd much rather see us trade away the valuable commodities we have for some young talent. Now I'm not saying that we should start over with a new team next year, expanding "The Plan". Rather we separate the chaff from the wheat, leaving only the players that can help us for the long haul. So here are the players I would say will be up on the block this summer:

Ronnie Belliard
Dimitri Young (Love this guy, but he's getting old and he needs to go to the AL so he can DH)
Ray King
Chad Cordero
Jon Rauch
Cristian Guzman (Maybe, but I hope not. Guzmania lives!)

I think we could get some real value for these guys, for guys like Cordero and Rauch, we could get some decent prospects, some of which could make the team next year.

As for tonights game, we brought out the whoopin' sticks tonight. And with the exception of Fick and Colome, everyone manned up tonight. I was gonna say that chicks dig the long ball, but no one wants the women baltimore has to offer soooooo yeah, not goin' there. Anyways the nats go for the series win tomorrow. It's in the bag.


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