One crazy ass apple...

Word on the street, from a million different sources, including the Nats home page, Nats Journal, Rotoworld, Fox, etc., etc., say we will be going after the one, and only, Elijah Dukes.
No one disputes the Dukes has pop in his bat, something we want in a CF next year. You know who else has pop in his bat? Jose Canseco. He's still in independent ball somewhere, throwing the knuckler. Let's give him a contract! It's not like he hasn't confessed to doing anything wrong, and written books about it!
The consensus is that the Rays are trying to get rid of Dukes ASAP, as he has just fathered his fifth child out of wedlock by a 17 year old foster child. At this point, the Rays might be asking for a bucket of baseball and some bats. If this is the case, I say we take him, and stick him in Columbus, as we have no youngsters of real worth there, and he can't screw up a last place team. BUT, if they ask for a young player like Flores, or on of our good arms out of the the pen (READ: COLOME. They want him back, maybe? probably not. But I want him), then I say, NO! with a fake French accent.
Flores WILL be the man. Mark my words. Just as we predicted the rise of GUZMANIA2K7, we are predicting that Flores will be an All-Star in 4 years. Write it down.
So in summary, No to Elijah Dukes, unless he's almost free. If free, then yes.
I doubt he will be free, and I would keep him away from DC, as there are enough crimes there without importing criminals, so I doubt we'll have him.


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