Road Warriors

That's what the Nats and I share in common this week. I'm on the road for business as are they. And we just both happen to be in the ATL. So how better to spend a balmy summer night then at a real major league ballpark, Turner Field, watching the Nats take on the cowards, errr Braves. I will have all of you that watched know that somehow we didn't look as bad in person as I'm sure we looked on TV. I didn't even notice the 13K's, well except for Zimmerman's. Dude looks as lost as a congressman in his constituency. Highlights of the game were that Bergmann looked just as good as he did before he went on the DL. I attribute the fall off in the 4th inning as him just getting tired. It's only his first start back, so look for him to go longer and longer into games as he keeps going. But what I saw looked promising. The hitting also wasn't as bad as I had feared when I heard the Guzman news (more on that later). We just couldn't string them together. With Tim Hudson behind us now, I think we have a good chance to come back in this series and win it.

On the the Guzman news. As most of you know GUZMANIA 2K7 is now over. He had surgery to repair the cartilage in his thumb. What sucks about the whole thing is that it was on such an innocuous play. Barfield looked much more shooken up by that play than Guzman. Then again three weeks ago in my slow pitch softball league a slid into 2nd and torqued the wrist, played the rest of the game and the next day couldn't move my hand, so I can see how it happened. I'll tell you why I'm not as depressed as you'd think I'd be. Had Guzman continued playing, there was a good likelihood that he would be dealt before the deadline to a contender. Now that he's "damaged goods" he'll be around next year, when we're supposed to have a marginally better roster. So the GUZMANIA 2K8 train is now being assembled. Tickets go on sale next spring! Those of you who bought season tickets to 2K7, thanks for Pledging your allegiance, you've got preferred status for next years GUZMANIA!

BTW after watching a game at Turner, I don't care how much more expensive tickets are at the new'll be worth it. Also I'd like to take a moment to thank the Braves for making the game a good experience for the visiting fan. Before the game, on the giant video board, they ran a 5 minute promo on the Nationals and their history in Montreal. And repeatedly throughout the night many of the trivia questions were actually Nationals related, such as how much the Nats new ballpark cost, and who threw out the first ceremonial first pitch ever at RFK. Perhaps I'll go back tomorrow and sit in the $1 skyline section, as opposed to my no closer to the field $8 seat.


Hot 'lanta is nasty. I'm glad that you could get out to the park.

Don't let "Ron Mexico" anywhere near your hotel room. That character is dirty.

*Argh, I promised myself I wouldn't make a Vick joke.

PS: I again support the "doggin" of Baltimore. Not just as a team, but as a city. It is a taint on the Eastern Seaboard.

June 26, 2007 at 1:18 AM  

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