The Summer Doldrums

Haven't posted in awhile cause there hasn't really been much to say. I'm rendered speechless by the suck that is our team right now. Mannyger should have them practicing hitting off tees, just so they can remember what contact feels like, cause they're not getting any of it in games. Ever since Guz went down the sticks have gone away. And I think its giving our pitchers/guys with arms confidence problems. How can you go out and pitch effectively if you know its not really going to matter because we're only going to score 2 runs and they won't be scored until the 8th or 9th. Amazingly though, our team is on about the same pace as our team was last year. We just had a little more firepower last year so it was bearable to watch. As the trade deadline approaches, the team is going to shift in a new direction and though the play might not be much better, it still leaves the door open for an exciting second half. Exciting in the sense that we might get to see a lot of the younger guys in the system get some PT, oh and Nick Johnson might play a game or two. I sort of want Bowden to keep DMeat. I don't really think we're going to get a lot of value prospect wise out of him because of his age. So unless we get an offer that we can't refuse prospect wise, we should just hold on to him and milk him for all he's worth. Plus he looks like Wesley Willis, which I find hilarious. CUT THAT MULLET!!!


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