Why are we here?

As you may or may not have noticed, we kind of stopped posting. It was a chore, and we (the Nats) are painfully inconsistent. Right when we get excited about the team (crazy awesome May-early June), they bring back the suck. Its very frustrating, as I'm sure you know.
The All Star break seems like an eternity for a baseball fan, but is probably nowhere near long enough for a player. I imagine most ballplayer's wives don't remember what they look like after a long road trip, but they also find comfort in spending their hubby's ungodly wages coming from playing a game. Nonetheless, we're in a sports vacuum today, aside from some soccer which I love. I'm not going to give the Nats a midseason report, mainly because if they had a grade, it would be an F. They're in last, they will be for a couple seasons, and they're only going to get worse in the second half. They get no D's. A few players deserve high grades, but the low grades from everyone else bring down the average. It's like that retarded trailor trash kid that screwed up your 6th grade class' SOL score. Asshole.
So, let's hope we don't embarrass ourselves in the second half. Why do I say that? Because I'm sure we'll be losing D-meat, Belliard, and possibly our closer and setup man. That makes a Big Momma sized hole in our already anemic offense, and kills our bullpen. So, pardon me for not drawing hearts on my Nats ticket stubs, and dreaming of the future, since the immediate future is pretty dark.


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