Here comes the cavalry

Two players returning in one game...I'm going to wet myself!!! Tonight is the return of glass joe himself...Shawn Hill (btw he's thrown 4 scoreless at the time of posting and he's looking nasty). But pitching really isn't our problem this year, its offense. So I'm also glad to see its the return of:

That's right its photoshop fun time here at the Report again. I realize that I have substituted 6-pack abs, huge pecs, and whatever those washboardy things are beside them for lots of fat and man boobs, but at least I kept his goofy head. On a serious note, he's going to provide a much needed shot in the arm for the offense. No offense to Robert Fick, because he filled in admirably, but we signed D'Meat to a two year deal because of the offense he provides, and we need it if we're to finish the season on a high note.

In unrelated news, Josh Smoker (great name, although creepily close to John Rocker) signed a deal with the Nats today. Evidently he was just trying to put the squeeze on the Nats and had every intention of signing. So in the end he went for slot value and we added another talented arm to the system. The only prospect still worth talking about now is McGeary, and while I would have no problem paying him whatever price he names, I understand the Lerner's desire not to and Im not really holding out hopes that he's going to sign.

Ankiel and the Nats in '08!!!


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