Reheat the Meat!

It would appear, after watching the last few games, that Dmitri is essential to our offense. We have fallen off the map offensively since his delicious hamburgerstring strained itself. Granted, we went against Brandon Webb and his absolutely devastating sinker, but the boys have got to remember that they can hit. Manny should show them tape of the big innings they've had this year.

Another thing of note, John Lannon is better than Matt Chico. You heard it here, folks. Matt Chico is a 5 on this team, and in AA anywhere else. Lannon could be a 2 or 3 in a few years. We lucked out on this guy. Hard luck loser who deserved better than he got tonight.

Shawn Hill WILL be pitching Tuesday, so if you're in the neighborhood (which I will be), you should come to the game and see if he's still got it.


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