Thanks to the always well written, and almost always funny Sports Bog, I found this story.

Colin Cowherd claims Sean Taylor basically had it coming, because he used to be hood. Also, people can't change. And he's omniscient. Oh, and he's blatantly ignorant on race issues. Some quotes...

Sean Taylor, great player has a history of really really bad judgment, really really bad judgment. Cops, assault, spitting, DUI. I'm supposed to believe his judgment got significantly better in two years, from horrible to fantastic? 'But Colin he cleaned up his act.' Well yeah, just because you clean the rug doesn't mean you got everything out. Sometimes you've got stains, stuff so deep it never ever leaves.


I didn't grow up African American. I grew up middle class. I wanted Stephen A.'s perspective on the story. And during this story I leaned on Stephen A., Michael Wilbon and Jason Whitlock for a perspective I don't have. You walk around ESPN, it's in the halls, on the posters, Diversity, Capital D, big letter. You know why Diversity's really important at ESPN, a big company? Because it gives you more people with unique perspectives. And if you're a growing company, you want to stay fresh, you need to have a 23-year old Hispanic gal or guy tell us what's going on in your community. Asian, white, black, Hispanic, everybody, new voices, young voices, old voices. You walk the halls of ESPN, it's the United Nations. It's great. Canadians, Hispanics, Europeans. They give us a perspective we don't have.

I didn't grow up black, I grew up (tax bracket). Get it? It's racist madlibs.

What a putz. I always disliked him, but now he goes in the pantheon of Assaholic ESPN personalities, joining Jim Rome and Orestes Destrada. What you say? Orestes never did anything to nobody? Well, I don't like his first name, and his suits are ugly. SO he goes on the list.


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