Barry brings it up this morning, its time to start guessing who's coming North.

Here is my pick for the Opening Day roster
Starting Pitching: John Patterson
Jason Bergmann
Tim Redding
Odalis Perez
(Hill on 15 day DL, and Chico to AAA)

Bullpen: Joel Hanrahan (no more options)
Jesus Colome
Ray King
Saul Rivera
Luis Ayala
Jon Rauch
Chad Cordero
(Wagner on the DL, Schroeder to AAA)

Catchers: Paul Lo Duca
Humberto Cota
(Johnny Estrada either on DL or AAA for rehab, Flores hopefully to AA, Nieves cut or to AAA)

Infielders: Dmitri Young
Nick Johnson
Ronnie Belliard
Cristian Guzman (WOOO)
Felipe Lopez (BOOO)
Ryan Zimmerman
Aaron Boone (think he has a big league deal)
(Boone cut or traded, more likely traded for a low low low prospect, Casto sent to siberia or Columbus, either or, Orr to AAA, Whitesell to AA, Whitney returned to Indians (although I'd like to see a trade for him))

Outfielders: Austin Kearns
Lastings Milledge (pencil him in for a while)
Rob Mackowiak
Elijah Dukes
Alex Escobar or Wille Harris (I see this as the spot with the most competition, until...)
(WMP gets back from the DL, which is when Dukes should be sent to AAA to play every day, Guzman sent back, Langerhans to AAA)

What's your guess?


I think this will be very close. The major missing name on your list is Joel Hanrahan. All the writing on the wall says that he'll be in the bullpen, at least to start the season. I believe he is out of options as well.

March 14, 2008 at 1:23 PM  

he's on there. very first name.

March 14, 2008 at 2:04 PM  

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