Worst News of the Spring

The not oft-read Washington Times blog has brought forth this horrible news...

Nats win, 9-1. After the game, the club announced it has reassigned outfielder Alex Escobar and catcher Humberto Cota to minor-league camp. Cota, however, exercised a clause in his contract that allowed him to opt out and become a free agent.

What it means: Barring a miraculous recovery by Johnny Estrada (not likely) or a scenario in which the Nats think Jesus Flores would get three or four starts a week, Wil Nieves is the likely backup catcher on Opening Night.

The Nieves as backup thing is pretty horrifying, but my MAIN MAN, Escobar is gone. TO the siberia of baseball, "Minor League camp". Do I wish injury upon our left fielder, so that Escobar may play? Do I wish that we had never signed Mackowiak?

I'm not saying.


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