Remember last night how Lastings was a late scratch?

Turns out he was late to the ballpark, and Manny benched him. If this sounds familiar, it's because it should. Same thing happened in his brief stay in Flushing.

Some quotes from the article.

"He showed up late for work," Acta said. "I love Milledge and he knows it. Out of all the rules I have, I have three rules that are unbreakable regardless of who you are. You can be the 25th guy on the team, or Ryan Zimmerman. At least, [Milledge] gets disciplined. Go ask Jim Bowden, Stan Kasten and the Lerners what would they do to me if I showed up late for work."

Milledge didn't deny that he was late to Nationals Park, but declined to give the reason. Asked what happened, Milledge said: "That doesn't matter. I was late. ... It's something I couldn't control. I take full responsibility."

Lastings, buddy. Listen to me. Your job is to play baseball. You make not shabby money for it. Hire a driver. If you're waiting on the green line, you might not make it in time. Stan Kasten was not talking to you about "Go Metro".


Well let's take a look at Bowden's super trade. Millings-one HR;14 RBI's; .240 BA. Now we traded Church-9 HR; 31 RBI's; BA-.309, and Schneider-2 HR; 13 RBI's; BA-.307.
Now who got the better end of it.
Please tell me how you can trade 2 of the most favorite Nats ( my kids are cryin') and get an unknown, that has never been and who never will. You wonder why nobody goes to see a game? You don't draw people by trading the favorites away, and replace them with role models like Milledge, and , oh yes, Dukes batting now .047. But we all know its just a matter of time. And why haven't we resigned Ryan Zimmerman who is supposed to be the central man and who is now making the laughable amount of money $650,000. Do you think Zimmerman will want to stay around with that kind of money?
I know we hear Lerner is putting all the money in the farm system. I'm sorry this 2008 not 1988. No major team, except maybe the Marlins, have developed a team purely from the farm system in the last 20 years. You need one or two blue chip free agents to rally the rest of the team. Perhaps the handwriting was on the wall this winter when we all anticipated Lerner opening his billion dollar wallet and getting a quality free agent to play centerfield like Tori Hunter, or Andruw Jones,or perhaps a pitcher liker Santana. The Nats didn't even try. I now predict that the Lerner's are in it purely for the business and will keep the payroll extra low over the next five painful years and then sell the team for twice what they paid for it, citing poor attendance for their decision to sell. Pessimistic? Yes, but I rather have a competitive old team play than a minor league team with plenty of promise for the future that amounts to nothing. The future is now Mr. Lerner. Open the wallet and use the money where your mouth was when you bought the team and gave us hope for a really competitive team. You show me before I show you before I will come to more games.
Yes, if I want a good laugh I will come to watch such outstanding players like Milledge, Dukes, and Pena. They can't hit field, hit or run. What a combination!
I also predict that if the Mets lose the World Series this year, Willie Randolph will be fired and Manny Acta (the only good thing about the Nats right now) will leave town in a moments notice, to manage the Mets, a team that spends money on quality players.


May 18, 2008 at 11:35 PM  

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