Potomac Update

I know Brian at Nats Farm Authority does this excellently, and I won't come close to his level of knowledge about our minor league guys, but I've got free tickets to any PNats game I want, and I've gone twice, and I wanted to share some observations.

- Seth Bynum, SS- I like this guy about 20 times more than I like Ian Desmond. Decent glove, and nice bat. Not major league starter material, but could be a good utility guy.

- Marvin Lowrance, DH- I'm guessing if you're a DH in Single A, you really suck in the field. Not with the bat though, as he's come thru with a lot of extra base hits thus far, and seems to be a big RBI guy for them. Can't imagine him in the bigs, ever.

- Chris Marrero, 1B- I know this guy is our number one prospect, but each game I've been to, he's stunk up the joint. 0fers, both times, with errors in the field. Hope he actually produces next time I go.

- Jordan Zimmermann, SP- This guy will be in the bigs, next year. Mark my words. Electric stuff, excellent command, and good composure. He'll be next year's John Lannan.

- Seth Rogelstad, 2B- I'm high on this guy, cause he can really handle the stick. Has an Utley like body, not your average short, light hitting 2b. Want to see him move up before long.

There are others, but these are the guys who stood out when I was there. Go to a game, they're cheap.

As I'm typing this, Tim Redding hit an RBI double. Unreal.


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