Today I bring you glorious news! The Great MIKE BASCIK could be back with the club next year!
I hope he's in Columbus, but maybe that's just me.

Next week, we sign ARod, and move him over to short, pushing the Guz over to second.

Now we're talking.

A Nats News Dump:

73 wins means this team couldn't have gotten any better coaching. I guess.

Da Meat Hook is the Comeback Kid. Twice.

Torii Hunter likes Washington. But he likes money more.

Nationals hire minority. This is news. I guess.

Guy with totally awesome name is new Assistant GM. I wonder who our assistant to the traveling secretary is? Wonder if they get tired of people thinking their job is funny?

That's about all you're gonna get for a little while. Don't see us signing A-Rod, and FA signings are unlikely for quite a while. When we get a brand spanking new redesign, we might feel more inclined to be all post-y.

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