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This is good news, and will allow what I've stated as the best plan all along to occur, which is to give Flores a full year of seasoning in the minors before he assumes the job full-time in 2009. It also gives you the perception that the Nats aren't confident in the knees of an older, HGH-aided veteran, though the source claims that the proximity of the injury and signing are purely coincidence. Yeah. Right.

How do you feel about this left-handed, defensively challenged addition?

Update: Deal is finalized, and Flores will start the season in AA. Good moves.

Ut-oh. It appears our HGH-injecting, stationary-filling new catcher has a knee injury, of undetermined severity.
What does this mean? Well, two things. If it's serious, your starting catcher is named Jesus. This is not the worst thing that could happen, but I've been on record as stating that I think Jesus needs a full year at AAA before taking over full time. If Lo Duca is hurt for any long period of time, Flores would split time with Mueller or some other place holder. It could also mean that this could be the beginning of a long string of post-doping injuries that often plague players after they come off the juice. Since we don't know the specifics of the injury, we're forced into rampant speculation (the blogger's job).

Elsewhere in the article, there's another nugget of great news. Ready for it?

ESCOBAR re-signed! This guy, in his brief period of health, was dynamite. Power, speed, you name it. I would LOVE it if this guy could make it as a fourth outfielder, with Dukes slapping the ball around in AAA for a half season. I know people will laugh at my love for a player who's injury list is as long as the phonebook, but I don't care. I love Alex Escobar. I said it.

So, hey everybody. We're getting close to Viera, aren't we? Be ready for the deluge of posts once this thing gets going.

I know we haven't been posting much over the past few weeks, but there really hasn't been much to speak about. I know that chief signed a one year deal but really, that was going to happen anyways. It's an okay deal for the Nats really. I mean I'm not in love with Cordero as our closer. He's probably taken a few years off my life thus far, but we could do way worse.

That's not what has gotten me all hot and bothered though. No sir, that would be the negotiations between the Nationals and their oft maligned infielder, Felipe Lopez. Last year was a breakout year for his own eyes. After posting MVP type numbers of .245 BA .308 OBP and 24 steals, Lopez is asking for 5.2 million dollars for the 2008 season. WHAT A STEAL!!! This guy should be arrested for stealing. In what line of work could you consistently perform poorly at your job and then walk in to your employers office and as for a 33% percent raise!!! My parents obviously should have pushed me harder when I was a kid to play baseball. Just to put this in perspective, Troy Tulowitzki is on the verge of signing a 6-year 30 million dollar extension. That means he will make roughly the same as Flop this upcoming season. Does anyone see the madness here. I mean all Tulo did was become an integral part of a World Series team that closed the season with a ridiculous winning streak.

Guz, you better beat out Flop for the SS spot on our roster, I can stand to see that muppet playing for our team. I would be a crime against all of us who work hard at our jobs and get measly 3-5% raises each year.

Felipe Lopez kills my inner child.

and he wasn't even in SE DC!!


He should be ok for Spring Training, but C'mon. This guy is a freak injury magnet. I mean, the WBC thing wasn't necessarily his fault, but still. This is just crazy.

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