Only 3 days...I'm excited! Anyways, The topic du jour seems to be Tom Boswells amazingly insightful and thorough article on how the Nats are really just baby Yankees. That we're going to harvest the money trees Kasten planted on his estate and soon Kansas City will be selling out games because the Nats are in town. While I too look forward to the days when the Nats are considered among the games elite, you've got mix a little reality with that fantasy.

Does Mr Boswell really believe his own words when he says that the Nats are going to have bounds of money to spend simply because they're cutting the salary of the current team? We all know that how much money you can spend is really based on two things. How much money does your team earn? And how rich is your owner. While I can only one day dream of making the coin that the Lerner's make, in the grand scheme of major league baseball, they're average. Add to that fact that the nationals don't have the earnings clout of teams like the Yankees, Cubs, and Red Sox, and there's really not much reason to believe Washington will ever dominate the free agent market (Not a bad thing).

Another thing to consider is the history of the major teams in Major League Baseball. When was that last time the Yankees/Cubs/Sox all had quiet off-seasons, none of them really splashing the cash. It just doesn't happens. The big teams will keep on spending, and the small-market teams won't. The bright side is that the Nationals have the market and the resources to become one of those big things. And that's the exciting part!


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November 21, 2009 at 12:18 AM  

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