And by cheap seats, I mean my chair in the office which is immeasurably more comfortable than a bleacher, though somehow much less satisfying. Anyways I'm watching (hitting refresh on MLB's box score) today's game and for once it looks like we're actually battling a decent team. Granted the Mets are 4-10 this spring and we all know spring training means nothing, but still GO NATS! As far as the game goes, Zimm is raking at the plate as he is apt to do. Guz actually came through with a pinch hit RBI single, and Shawn Hill had yet another decent showing on the mound. Looks like we're got our #2!!!! A scary observation now, Joel Hanrahan somehow halved his ERA with a 2 inning 3 run outing...simply amazing. Ray King didn't do much better either. What happened to the decent bullpen we were supposed to have. I can deal with losing a lot this year, but its going to be really rough when we're giving up leads late. War Ryan (Juggs) Wagner!!! Bow down to my MS Paint skillz, I would have found a nats picture of him, but he's not good enough!


Guz looked good (as did pretty much everyone in the lineup besides Zim) from the real cheap seats in Florida last week against the Astros

March 12, 2007 at 6:44 PM  

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