Fish vs. Nats- Game 1

Hey everybody, I'm here at Schooner's at CNU with some friends, catching the first game of the Nationals third season. I'll be attempting to keep anybody who can't see the game updated, at least the few people checking this page. I'll enjoy the wings for you, Kyle.

12:40- I'm in here a little early, and have yet to catch a waitress's attention to switch the tv for me...this could be bad....

12:43- Great Success! All I had to do was show some skin....

12:47- A kid just brought an entire table of dishes and silverware down on her head, and started yelling "Mommy"...surreal.
And they still haven't actually changed the channel yet...maybe the leg didn't help.

12:56- And we're a go. From the camera viewpoint, looks like a good showing by my butts in seats
unofficial attendance meter. Colin and Dan are now here, so the fun is about to start. Retract that statement, the upper bowl is a graveyard.

12:59- So there is no sound, so I couldn't tell you who the people throwing out the first pitch are, but Mayor Fenty, and Coach Actavate are among them. They showed the oufield wall's hall of fame, but I can assume that Walter Johnson is not among them...

The new commercials are interesting...Felipe Lopez stealing against what I can only presume are the New York Yankees....only without any insignia on their jerseys...

1:06: First pitch of the year....a low strike. We'll take it.
aaand a ground rule double on the second pitch by Hanley Ramirez. Good start.

Ramirez steals 3rd, beats the throw by a second. 1 out, man on third.

Cabrera walks, 1st and 3rd...sets up the DP...

So much for the DP, Jacobs singles in Ramirez. 1-0 Fish

Lineout by Willingham. 2 down.

SIT DOWN JOE BOURCHARD. K for JPatt. Middle of 1, 1-0 Fish.

2 quick flyout, a triple by Zimm, and a first pitch lineout by Kearns. End of 1, 1-0 Fish. MASN kindly reminded us that Zimm's triple was his first of the season. Thanks, Stat guys!

Zimm makes a play from his ass, 2 down man on second. That one could be on Sportscenter tonight...

Grounder to the hole at short to the Guz, Ramirez beats the throw by a step. Lucky. 1st and 3rd.

Bases loaded ground rule double by Cabrera, 3-0 Fish. Not looking good for JPatt.

1:38- We finally have sound...much better than playing the Gameday audio which was about 2 years behind. Jpatt's control is way off today, that'll come with some more innings, but we gotta hope that our offense can pick him up.

The sideline reporter is interviewing Mayor Fenty, meanwhile DYoung grounds out to first.

Offense looks pretty anemic. Willis is throwing pellets. and Church still can't make solid contact on a curve.

Logan gets lucky on a bad hop to short, after a Church walk. 1st and 2nd, 2 outs. JPatt up to promptly end the "rally" on a god awful swing. take a lap.

Patterson redeems himself with a 1-2-3 innings (featuring 2 putouts by DYoung).

Felipe with a hard single, and Guz got to first on a FC. 1 down with Zimm up.

aaaaand Zimm GIDP to end the 3rd. Not looking great.

2:02: The Orioles commerical showed Chris Ray, and then said Mariano Who?....cmon.

2:12: Brendan asked who the long man out of the pen was, and I said Speighner...guess who started warming up? YES SIR! JPatt's about done. 4-0 Fish on a broken bat single.

I may have used Jobu against Logan, as he crashes into the wall, hurting his foot on the ghetto walls. Way to go, RFK. Looks like Snelling (the Aussie Avenger) is our new LF, and Church is moving over to CF. Nice catch, anyway.
Casto's phone is ringing off the hook, and the announcer's made the same statement.

So in our first game, we've lost our Centerfielder, found out that our Ace is not so much an Ace as an Ass (not really true, just sounded funny), and we left our bats in Viera. Good times!

Cabrera jacks a ball into the Right field upper deck...6-0. This is becoming a slaughter. Here comes Speighner.

Teddy Roosevelt just ziplined from the upper deck in the President's race. Best thing I've seen thus far. Oh, he still lost to George Washington.

DYoung doubles on a broken bat shot to right, 2 on, no out. And Schnieder gets a Sac fly scoring Kearns. 6-1, bottom 4. And Snelling grounds out to end the inning.

Observations: Kearns has a cannon of an arm.

3:06- Nats bats spring to life, with back to back to back hits. DYoung's double brings in Zimmerman. aaaand then they die. Schneider flied out. Church fouls out. Snelling lines out. WTG boys.

I'm going to stop now. We lost. Or, we will be losing here soon. Too Depressing.


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