What should have been

Continuing with the theme of an April recap, I'd like to take a look at the pitching staff. Specifically the starting rotation. Obviously the chips have not fallen where Mannyger thought they would at this point of the season. The man whose name was written in sharpie at the top of the rotation is now the only one without a win (Williams is on the DL) and the only one with an ERA over 7 (its sad that 7 is the magic number). Based on this year's performances only, this would be my rotation for May:

1.) Shawn Hill - I believe there's only two situations in which you're allowed to only throw two pitches, when you throw the knuckle or the sinker. That's because you can use either of those as your main pitch, and use the fastball as the change of pace pitch. Traditional breaking balls are harder to get over the plate and thus can't be used as often

2.) Jason Bergmann - The man battles...hard. He along with Hill are the only two that seem to be able to strike out anybody with regularity this season. Now if he could just keep his walk numbers down he'd be right up there with Hill.

3.) Matt Chico - He gets the nod over J Patt simply because he has wins. Chico should win the Juggs pitching machine of the month award. Man gives away homers like no other (except Chief...see previous post).

4.) John Patterson - The guy is not right in the head, thats all I can think of. He's like a modern day Rick Vaughn, he's got the stuff but he can't hit the plate. Perhaps he needs coke bottle glasses and shit shaved into his head. I dunno but somebody get this man a psychiatrist...or Jobu.

Jerome Williams in injured so I won't include him, but he'd be #5 for the simple fact that he is 0-4 and shows no sign of stopping.


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