It's just unconscionable. I can't stand watching the Nats on TV because every 9th inning, I know Chief is more likely than not to blow it.
He doesn't throw hard.
He doesn't necessarily through strikes, because he has to be cute, because he has nothing to throw.

This blog will be officially in the "Get Cordero out of the 9th inning" camp forever. Don't care if he reels off 15 saves in a row. The man doesn't have the stuff to get it done. He fooled everyone once, and now the league is on to him. A lot of the fans are on to him.

Put Rauch in the 9th, stick Cordero in the 6th or 7th, where he knows he can't single handedly lose the game for us.

This is being written as Cordero lucked into 2 outs. Regardless of how it turns out, this team will rarely have a lead into the 9th, and when we do, we need to win those games. Cordero is not putting us in a position to do that. Let's give someone else a chance before we permanently crush this team's spirits.


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