A reprieve

Well tonight went exactly as I had thought it would. Tonight was the game sandwhiched between 3 dominant pitchers; Penny, Lowe, and Peavy. Tonight the Nats got to take their hacks against Mark Hendrickson. Listed at 6-9, he's nowhere near as imposing as his frame would lead you to believe...230 lbs. Man is a beanpole. And our hitters treated him as such. Z-man showing him no respect in the first blasting one, and I mean blasting it. You pretty much have to crush it to get it out of RFK. The bats never really stopped tonight, with excellent performances by D-Meat, Z-man, and of course GUZMANIA! We still don't get enough respect for calling that one. Eat it Nat-o-sphere, we didn't hop the bandwagon, we built it! Enough chest thumping though. Things we also saw tonight: Jesus is human (the bible told me so), Robert Fick is not a major leaguer, and its rediculous how these pitchers are just coming out of the ether to pitch good solid games for the Nationals. Tonights game ball goes to...Manny Acta. After taking two on the chin, Manny didn't let the team get down and they pounced on the opportunity to win a game. Now they go into the series with the Padres with a little momentum and possibly they can get to Peavy. We shall see...


Bleh! It figures that after suffering through two excruciatingly awful losses like we did in the first two against the Dodgers, we whoop them in Game 3 and I forget to set my DVR to record it!

...Gaaaah. Glad we didn't get swept, though, and we put some runs on the board. Now bring on the Padres!

June 1, 2007 at 1:15 AM  

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