The Prodigal Son Returns

It's been awhile since I've had my say on here. But let me explain. I had no internet the entirety of last week after I moved across town. A weekend trip to Blacksburg and you've got the 10 days or so I've been gone. Enough about me though, what've the Nats been up to. You know, the unusual. Losing a series to the Pirates and then winning one against the Twinkies. This is edge of your seat stuff man, at least we're in almost every game. The pitching seems to have regressed a little bit as of late but that's to be expected with the arms we're rolling out there. The offense however has surprisingly stayed pretty good. We still have yet to blow anyone out but I don't care about blowouts. It's all about the W's baby! Tomorrow the Nats will bring a little class to the Baltimore era by gracing the Orioles with their presence. I'm just glad we don't have to face Bedard this series. Anyways I'm back, so get off me!


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