That's right, I'm challenging anyone who thinks this Belliard deal isn't a good one to a duel. 10 paces at dawn, bring it! Here are some reasons why this is a good deal for team:

1. He hits the ball
Unlike the rest of the team sans D'Meat and Guzmania, Belliard has good at bats. He looks at pitches and can spray the ball all over the field. He may not have power but he plays in the one position where it's excusable...2nd base. Now I really don't understand why 2b's get a pass to be just base hitters but that's another issue.

2. Felipe is not the long term answer at SS
Stay with me here. Felipe Lopez is playing SS this year due to Guzman's freaky finger injury. Thus when Guz comes back next year and continues to romp (Guzmania 2K8 lives here, don't accept imitations), Lopez is back at second. And that means Belliard is on the bench. Which is arguably where he is the most valuable. Just look at the stiffs we send up to pinch hit now. With the exception being Jesus Flores, our pinch hitters are despicable. Belliard would be a definite upgrade on the bench.

3. We're not a mid-market team
Now after my last point, I'm sure a lot of you are saying, "So we just signed a 32 y/o bench player to a 2-year, 3.5 million dollar deal! THAT'S RIDICULOUS!!!" Despite the low-level product we've put out in the past and present, the Nationals are a big money team. According to Forbes magazine, the Washington Nationals are the 6th most valuable team in baseball, just behind the Cubs and Dodgers and ahead of St. Louis, Philly, Atlanta, and Anaheim. The Washington metro area is the 8th largest in the nation. So while the Lerners have committed t "The Plan" of re-stocking the farm system, they are showing with this trade that they do have deep pockets and we will not hesitate to sign someone that will help the ball club.

As always, I don't care about your thoughts. Unless they agree with mine they're wrong. But you can click the little comment link and put them in anyways, and I will ridicule you!


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