Wahh wahhh

I'm here to say that moments last night were an embarrassment.

The pick off of FLOP after 5 throws over.
2 backwards k's with men on base on three pitches.

The good news, I don't believe we'll be in last place. The Yankees are 1.5 games out, and I'll be seeing them in person next Saturday, hopefully with playoff aspirations on the line.

We're toying with a redesign for the offseason, we'll see how that goes.

Anyway. Hope you can make it out to one of the last baseball games at RFK. I won't be, but were I hope, I would be.

Update: Bob Carpenter is out. I'm not torn up about it, but since I don't know who's next, I can't really say anything about it. We'll see what comes of this. I like Don Sutton, a lot. I like Charlie and Dave, a lot. I hate Don Baylor. I hate Ray Knight. I hate Johnny Holliday. Get me Vin Scully!


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