New Look, New Plan

Hey people that still read this blog!

I know it's been a while since we've been regularly updating, and we have our share of excuses. Lack of exciting news, for one. But, others manged to keep the embers burning. So, we won't use that excuse.

The purpose of this entry is to tell the people still reading this blog what we plan to do to make this blog more "necessary".
-Mondays will be for Weekend recaps, and looking at our current roster.
-Tuesdays will be looking at Nats Prospects.
-Wednesdays will be focused on our Divisional rivals.
-Thursdays will be a blog roundup.
-And Fridays will be a weekly recap and whatever else we feel like putting in there. Other than that, we'll post on a weekend if something exciting happens, other than that, this space will be quiet on weekends. Feel free to come and comment (yeah right), and we might have some other plans to make it worth coming to the page. Stay posted for that.

The weekly schedule will start next week, coinciding nicely with Winter Meetings. Come back then for a new, revamped Nats Report.


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