This article made me chuckle, and I'll quote for you what I'm talking about...

Chris Schroder, Jesus Colome and a healthy Ryan Wagner are expected fill out the rest of the bullpen, while Ray King, Mike Bacsik and Joel Hanrahan will compete to be on the 25-man roster.

here too.

"Obviously, with our bullpen, we feel it's one of the better ones in the National League," general manager Jim Bowden. "Chad Cordero has more saves at his age than any other pitcher except for Francisco Rodriguez, and that's an amazing accomplishment. With Jon Rauch, Luis Ayala, Saul Rivera, Jesus Colome, Chris Schroder and a healthy Ryan Wagner, our bullpen will be one that will keep us competitive."

You may remember, though you probably don't, about the Nats Report's view of Ryan Wagner (here and here). I personally don't care if it's "A HEALTHY RYAN WAGNER" or "JUGGS PITCHING MACHINE WITH HAIR", he still sucks.


Jon, let me know how to email you. I can be reached at

To summarize, I don't think I can give out the contact information I used to get in touch with Stan Kasten. It was done through my school.

February 6, 2008 at 8:56 PM  

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