Nothing boosts a team's confidence by giving a merciless beat down to a college team. Seriously why do they play college teams anyways?

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Update: Nationals 15, Hoyas 0.

Josh Smoker pitched just fine, allowing two hits and a walk in two innings while striking out three. Not too shabby considering most of the Hoyas were older than him. You'll have the chance to read more about him in the paper tomorrow.

Other tidbits: Willie Harris goes 2 for 2, de Caster 2 for 4, Diaz 2 for 4, Whitney 2 for 3 with 3 RBI, and the Nats toss up 16 hits.

Collin Balester was quite disappointed that he walked two guys, but he did strike out five in his two innings of work. And Mike Hinckley -- who, back in 2005, was the Nationals' top pitching prospect -- mopped up with two innings of relief work, also walking two. Manny Acta said after the game that Hinckley will almost certainly be converted to a reliever this year, giving him a chance to reach the potential that has been held back by injuries and poor performance the past couple years.

Interesting about Hinckley being converted. He was once the golden boy, and hopefully he can recapture some of that by throwing out of the pen.


Well, the Mets played Michigan a couple of days ago and could only manage a 4-4 tie...

February 28, 2008 at 3:35 PM  

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