Annnnd we're backkkk

Hey everybody, sorry we've been AWOL for a week. School is winding down for me, and Kyle has been globetrotting for work. That doesn't mean we haven't been playing close attention to our Nats.

Since our last entry, our record has been 5-6, and the bats have started to wake up. Unfortunatly, JPatt is a #4 starter in reality, and the Chief is a middle reliever in Closer's clothing. These things were stated by me over the Spring, and unfortunatly I was right. I also predicted this would be the year of Guzmania, and that Alex Escobar would start in Right Field. So I'm not batting 1.000.

Anyway, this is just a message to tell you we aren't dead, and that coverage will be picking up here in the next few weeks as I graduate, and Kyle and I go to more games. Let's hope for a series win today against the Fish.


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