Fuzzy Numbers

We're 19 games into the season and at points the Nationals have shown flashes of being a decent team. Most often though, they've shown us what its like to be a Royals fan. Today is gonna be all about the numbers, I know it means nothing but its fun to project what final numbers would be if the entire season went like the first month. So if the rest of the season repeats what happened so far here's what you get:

Nationals Wins: 51
Nationals Losses: 111 (Take that Olney!)
D Young Walks: 110
D Young Strikouts: 110
Z-Man Grand Slams: 9 (I'm rounding up)
Wins by Nationals Starters: 17 (I'm not joking)
Wins by Nats Bullpen: 34
Walks issued by Nats pitchers: 810
Strikeouts by Nats pitchers: 998 (honestly I thought this would be way lower)
Errors by Nats fielders: 179

ARod Homers: 119
Nats Homers: 85
ARod RBIs: 306
Nats RBIs: 503 (Take that ARod)

So what do these numbers all mean...the Nats are bad, ARod might be the son of Zeus and nothing all at the same time


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