Hell Hath Frozen Over

Oh wait, that's just my toes. It was an absolutely rediculously fridged night for baseball tonight at RFK, and buffeted by the wind, the Nats dropped another game to the Snakes. Can't say I blame them, going up against the reigning Cy Young award winner but still, a 7-0 (7-1 if you trust the umpires) loss sucks, especially when you look at how many men we left on base. That's the frustrating thing about the Nationals so far this season. It's not like our team is not getting hits, we're just not getting hits when it matters. Case in point, tonight, bases loaded one out we're only down 4. And D Young grounds into the inning ending double play. He, however, is not in my crosshairs tonight. No sir! That privelege belongs to none other than Kory Casto. I knew it was not going to be his nor the Nats night when he gets up in the bottom of the first and looks at strike one...looks at strike two...and then, you guessed it, looked at strike three. He might as well have stepped into the box with his helment backward holding the bat by the barrel, cause he sure wanted no piece of a hit. That was absolutely pathetic. The last thing I'm going to say about tonights game is that once again, the Nats give me hope. John Patterson again had nowhere near the best stuff he's got. His control is way off, throwing just as many balls as strikes. But guess what, when he left the game, we had only given up 3 runs and were still in this ballgame, and that's really all you can ask from the starting pitching this year. And we kept up the number of hits, we just gotta start stringing them together. One more note before I go, evidently the foul poll in left is bigger in real life then on the tv. I'm starting to get a burning sensation in my toes, which means I think there's blood flowing in them again, must be time to go to bed then. Until tomorrow, Sayonara! (In honor of Eric Byrnes' ninja garb tonight)


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