Weekly Wrapup #1

Here at the Report we've decided that liveblogging every game, and doing recaps of every game is pointless (unless you're Ballwonk, his are awesome). Instead, we'll just chime in when necessary, and recap the action each week. This is the first of...many.

1-6. Not what we hoped... pretty much what everyone who didn't drink the Kool-aid or run a Nats blog that loves the Guz (us) thought. What can we take away...?

Starting Pitching: Grade: F
Results exactly as predicted. Two quality starts (Hill and Williams) were all we got after 7 games. JPat (F) looked awful, with no command of breaking pitches, falling behind in counts, and lacking the confidence and speed to overpower anyone. If our "Ace" is in this state....look out. Bergmann was awful (F--). Chico is rookie, and thus gets a freebie (Check). Hill and Williams, get a B and C+ respectively.

Fielding: Grade: D
Guys, we will lose 90% of our games if we field like this every week. DYoung (permanent D) was known to be a black hole, so one can blame him for being one. But Zimm? A utilityman here for his fielding (Wilson)? Let's go guys. You're lucky Kearns has a frickin laser beam in RF.

Hitting: Grade: F-
I don't really know what to say here. RISP? Might as well leave the room, because you won't miss anything but a disappointment. This team looks like my HS varsity team with sticks, and I don't see it getting a lot better. The reason? We just faced Florida and Arizona. Wait till we get a team with more than one good starter.

Bullpen: Grade: B
Say what you will, if the bullpen pitched like our starters did this week, we would have lost by double digits. Count on it. Rauch (A) and Wagner AKA Juggs (B) should be given a gold star by Mannyger, because without them...well nevermind, we're 1-6, couldn't be a whole lot worse.

All in all, F. This blog will be a labor of love, because right now, Kyle and I might have a better chance at a quality start than Jason Bergmann. Not that that's saying a lot.

See you later this week, let's hope for .500 by next week....

I know, I know. A man can dream.


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