And now, the rest of it.

So I was going to do this earlier, but exam week is a crazy, crazy week.

This article does quite a number on our new ownership group, but as Kyle said, it was based mostly on interviews of former workers. And as we all know, spurned lovers/employees are sometimes less than reputable.

In case you didn't actually READ the link, it tells a tale of woe of an organization that has yet to find its feet, and along the way, has lost quite a few employees for asinine reasons, such as not paying per diems, not letting a worker ship packages via Fedex to FL, not paying Scouts....etc.

The section that seemed the most ridiculous to me was a pull quote stating that for a team who has a claimed commitment to its farm system, its strange that they would not hire the extra conditioning staff they had planned on because it was $30,000. For as much as concessions are, and tickets for a last place team, and the low low low payroll, I think cost cutting has gone about as far as it should. There comes a point where the ownership has to start paying out, and spending for things to start turning around.

If you're all about the Farm system, spend even more than you are now, because we are so far behind, that only the Draft can save us in 5-6 seasons. We don't have enough proven vets to get legitimate prospects at the deadline, so what you see if what you get.

Call me reactionary, but with an 9-18 record, I need some silver lining. This article was just another rain cloud.


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