The Bowden Strikes Back?

A poem...

I was up late last night
It was half past ten
I was watching baseball tonight
Wouldn't be awake past eleven
When what to my wondering eyes would appear
But Ryan Langerhans, and the worst start of the year
I thought to myself, could this be true
Has Bowden done it again
Or could this just be a ruse
I went to the Nats site, for word of the trade
I came up empty handed
No word had been made
Alas it was true, Snelling now has to pack
As I thought to myself, the Bowden strikes back!

All poetry aside, I believe the deal to be an astute call by Bowden. Our bench has been woeful and while Snelling has played okay, I think he's really getting a pass because we're comparing him to the rest of our team and really just to his replacements. I know some people are going to bring up that Langerhans is 3/48 this season but it was not long ago that Langerhans was one of the hottest young stars in the game. Keep in mind that he's still only 27. I think that its possible that Langerhans re-kindles the flame here in Washington. And if he doesn't, he'll be no worse than Chris Snelling, cause no major league player continues to hit .063 for an entire season.


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