I don't know what to say. That game was great to watch, and it was the first one I've seen since I've been home and graduated. This should mean I'll see every Nats game from here on out.

Bergmann was a stud, and until the pitch he gave up the bomb on, he had pitched nearly perfectly. Nothing meaty, was efficient, ball was live and had speed. The bats were still pretty silent, but our boy GUZMANIA2k7 continued his hot streak with 2 hits, including his second consecutive game with a triple.

He does however need some post game interview pointers. Sounds kinda nerdy, and needs work on his metaphors and cliches.

So, great great pitching, just enough hitting, and decent pen work. And we may have hurt a division rival's ace. So, A+ for tonight.

4 straight boys. Don't call it a comeback.


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