Cause we swept 'em! Did anyone go into this weekend believe we had a chance to sweep the Marl. Cause I sure didn't. I mean everyone knows the Marlins aren't going to win the World Series (although the years they shouldn't are the ones in which they somehow do), but still they're a quality club and we swept them. And the funny thing is that it shows just what we could have here in Washington. Three solid pitching performances, timely hitting, and more importantly hitting with power. The Nats of 2007 really haven't had any problems putting wood on the ball, there's just been no pop. But all the pieces worked together this weekend for a trio of quality wins. And I know you all saw Guz triple...don't lie, you were impressed. Bring on the Braves! I hope Langerhans hits a game winner in this series, beatin' em with their unwanted parts (which is normally what happens to the Nats)!


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