My Shameful Tale of Woe

What I am about to tell you is sad and embarrassing. I did what I've always made fun of, but I still have excuses, weak as they may be. I went to RFK with some friends Sunday for my birthday to see the last game of the "Battle of the Beltway" or whatever they've branded it as.

I fully expected a thrashing with Bowie starting, and as it was the Sunday game, I fully expected Tony Batista at third or first, and...well, I was going to name another scrub, but all our bench players are around the same skill level now that Josh Wilson is in Tampa Bay.

I digress, we got seats in 415 area, and it was in direct sunlight. We stayed until the 4th inning over there, but then we started to fuse with the plastic seats, so we moved into the shaded area. If you were there or watched the game, you know that aside from Nook Logan putting on a base running clinic, this game was a snooze. Bedard dominated our lineup from top to bottom, and the O's got to Bowie just enough to make it boring.

As one of my friends started to fall asleep, and the prospect of sitting in traffic after a unbearably boring game (a day after we made an emergency trip to Union Station on my birthday from Stafford) was not an pleasing prospect.

So we left.

I'm not proud.

We get to Springfield, and check the post game report, and found out we had a thrilling come from behind victory in 8th. AND Chief actually closed a game out. Crushing.
The call in show lambasted the people who left early, so we all felt 5 inches tall.
I have a learned a lesson, no matter what, you stay till the end. Even if you have to drive further than most people back never know.

Oh, and I watched the game last night too. How can we be so unlucky? We get the bats going with authority, but Speigener can't keep the ball from leaving the park. And that homer off of Rauch was ridiculous. You saw where Schneider was asking for the ball, down and away, and Rauch didn't put it there...Maybe he needs a break, but we NEED SOLID LATE INNING RELIEVERS. When they falter, it's the most crushing thing to a ball club.

Well, for the however many there are of you readers who never comment, here are some pictures.


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