- Jesus Colome can pitch. Credit Randy St. Claire with the reclamation project from the DRays.
- Ken Griffey is worth having on your fantasy team.
- I am slowly falling in love with Nook Logan. Initially, with the dumb name, the lack of power, and for vague reasons, I wasn't a fan. Normally don't like all glove, no bat players. However, Nook can hit righty, and has more than enough glove to make up for his bat from the left side.
-Matt Chico will be a solid number 4 starter for the Nationals, even when this team becomes a legitimate threat. His underutilized curve and moving fastball make him a tough guy to face, and we need more of those.
-Jim Bowden couldn't have looked more pleased with himself after FLop hit a grand slam, and had two doubles.
- Guzmania2k7 isn't as hot as it was before, but the man is 4 for 10 with RISP since his return, and we need that. And, he can flat out move.
- Kearns has some major issues right now, don't let that home run last night fool you.


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