- When your team scores 12 runs, you shouldn't have to use 7 pitchers to get the win. Something is inherently wrong with that. I didn't see the whole game but Rauch appears to have lost some confidence (which may have something to do with Monday/That rediculous bandbox) and lost his location. Colome continues to show me skill, and nasty sliders.

- Games like this are why watching Church is so frustrating. 2 HR's and a 3 rbi double this game, and the next time, he'll be K'ing on a changeup or curve with two strikes. Consistency, my friend, is key.

- You know we're big Guzmania 2k7 supporters here, but he committed a boner tonight that should have gotten him benched. Broken bat grounder to short, which Alex Gonzalez bobbled twice, and the Guz was trotting to first, and barely beat the throw. Inexcusable when you are a last place team. Effort is mandatory.

- Simontacci was a worthwhile pickup. He's an arm, that wouldn't start on a good team, but has contributed well in limited innings. I like his makeup and he's valuable to this team with a dearth of starting pitching.

- Thank god I didn't have to watch Kearns wave at strikes all night.

- Mike Bacsik on the bump tomorrow, trying to win the first road series. After Cincy, on to beat up on a St. Louis team with major struggles. Let's keep pushing our way to .500.


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